Trade Finance Services

To maximize your growth and handle your local and international business trade requirements, we provide you with a range of customizable products and services. Our trade finance team offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, from structured trade & commodity financing to confirmation or silent confirmation of export Letters of Credit (LCs) designed to enhance our client’s competitiveness. Our multidisciplinary approach gives you easy access to specialized solutions/services with support from an expert treasury and corporate financing team.


A Letter of Credit “LC” is an irrevocable and independent undertaking issued by an issuing bank at the request of applicant (Buyer) in favor of beneficiary (Seller) to pay a certain sum of amount as per the LC terms and conditions provided in the documents presented by the beneficiary are complying presentation.

Types of Documentary Credit

  • Transferable LC: Transferable LC is transferred at the request of the first beneficiary to the bank, which the issuing bank authorizes to transfer the LC to the second beneficiary. However, the second beneficiary cannot further transfer the LC.
  • Standby LC: An undertaking issued basically by a financial institution/bank favoring a beneficiary at the request of an applicant concerning applicable rules of ISP98/UCP600.
  • Back-to-Back LC: An irrevocable letter of credit that a bank issues against the security (in part or full) of another irrevocable credit that has been issued in favor of the proposed applicant (middleman). This credit is issued with most of the terms and conditions of the credit received in favor of the middleman to ensure that the documents presented thereunder will be compatible with both the credits.
  • Revolving LC: Single LC that covers multiple shipments over a long period. Instead of arranging a new LC for each separate shipment, the buyer establishes LC that revolves either in value (a fixed amount is available, which is replenished when exhausted) or in time.


2.Export Documentary Credit

  • Advising and handling of export Letters of Credit
  • Handling, checking, and routing of documents under export LC’s
  • Adding confirmation to export letters of credit*
  • Granting Finance under Usance LC documents
  • Documentary Collection
  • Documents against Payment (D/P)
  • Documents against Acceptance (D/A)


3.Letter of Guarantee

A guarantee is a written undertaking issued by a bank to the beneficiary stating to the effect that the bank will pay the beneficiary a certain sum of money, on presentation of a written demand for the guaranteed amount and such other documents in conformity with all other terms and conditions as mentioned in the guarantee.

Type of Guarantees:

  • Tender Bond (Bid Bond)
  • Performance Bond
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Retention Money Guarantee
  • Financial Guarantee
  • Maintenance Guarantee
  • Shipping Guarantee