Islamic Banking Governance

BOKI’s financial products and services are regulated by Islamic Banking principles and are periodically reviewed and approved by Internal Shariah Supervision Committee (“ISSC”), ensuring investments are made only in Shariah-compliant companies.

BOKI is supervised by an Internal Shariah Supervision Committee (“ISSC”), which consists of prominent Shariah scholars who review and ensure that all BOKI’s Islamic banking products, services, and operations comply with the Shariah principles. The appointment of the ISSC members is endorsed by BOKI Management Committee and approved by the Higher Shariah Authority (“HSA”) of the Central Bank of UAE (“CBUAE”) and the General Assembly of the Bank. The ISSC operates according to the resolutions, standards, and guidelines issued by the Higher Shariah Authority of the Central Bank of the UAE (HSA).

Internal Shari’a Supervisory Committee (“ISSC”) – BOK International UAE

A body appointed by BOK International Bank, comprised of scholars specialized in Islamic financial transactions that independently supervise transactions, activities, and products of BOK International Bank and ensures they are compliant with Sharia in all its objectives, activities, operations, and code of conduct.

ISSC Members

Dr. Mohamed Obadah Adi, Chairman

Dr. Mohamed is an innovative leader with 20+ years Shariah supervisory experience in Islamic Banking which gained him extensive knowledge and experience in banking and executive management and led the team of Sharia Group to achieve the desired goals with the best standards. Starting his career as an Islamic Studies Teacher at ADNOC Technical Institute were he acquired distinguished experience and skills in teaching and training. He then worked as the Head of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language Department were he acquired extensive experience in mentoring, leadership and supervision skills. Later, Dr. Mohamed moved to Al Hilal Bank as a Secretary of the Fatwa, Sharia Supervision and Sharia Research Authority, gained broad knowledge of Islamic banking, with enriching discussions and providing constructive and flexible modern legal solutions. He has a Doctorate in Islamic Studies from University of Wales.

Mr. Abdul Hadi Yaqoub Abdullah, Secretary General

Mr. Abdul Hadi brings with him with more than 25 years of experience specialized in Sharia and Islamic banking. Lecturer in the field of Islamic financing formulas and jurisprudence of Sharia transactions in many training centers for different Sudanese banks. He holds a Master’s degree in Comparative Jurisprudence and Bachelor of Sharia and Law from Omdurman Islamic University.

Dr. Mustafa Hassabo Bashir, Executive Member

Dr. Mustafa holds a PhD in Sharia and Law, specializing in Comparative Jurisprudence, with an excellent grade, from Omdurman Islamic University, thesis title: The impact of conditions on the contracts named for the transfer in jurisprudence and law. Masters in Sharia and Law, specializing in Comparative Jurisprudence, Bachelor’s in Sharia and Law from Omdurman Islamic University. Specialized in Sharia sciences, law and Islamic banking, he has prepared a number of research papers, including pricing rule in Islamic jurisprudence.

Mr. Youssef Ibrahim Youssef Al-Doma, Sharia Auditor

Mr. Youssef brings with him more than 30 years of experience in Sharia Audit. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sharia and Law, a Certificate of Regulating the Law Profession (equivalency), Fellowship of the Certified Sharia Auditor – Sudan Academy of Banking Sciences. License to work as a lawyer.

Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Khalil, Sharia Controller

Mr. Ibrahim is a researcher and specialist in Sharia, law and Islamic banking. He holds a master’s degree in Comparative Law, Islamic University, International, Malaysia. Bachelor’s degree in Law, Cairo University, Khartoum Branch, Sudan. Bachelor’s degree in Sharia, International University of Africa, Khartoum, Sudan. Diploma in Islamic Studies Certificate of practicing the profession / issued by the Ministry of Justice, Sudan.