BOK International UAE is an Islamic Bank (foreign branch) licensed by the Central Bank of The UAE License reference 13/1080/2017 dated 13/08/2017 and by Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development under Trade License number CN-2300923.  The Bank is located at Al Sahil Building, Zayed The First Street, Al Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

BOK International UAE has established a Risk, Legal and Compliance Department with the objective of ensuring all banking transactions and business is conducted in compliance with Central Bank’s regulations and international legislations while guaranteeing best practices and Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorist Financing are adopted.

BOK International UAE is committed to maintaining the highest standards of Compliance by fully complying with the laws and regulations of its regulator, the Central Bank of The UAE (UAECB) and the regulations in all markets and jurisdictions in which it operates, including the AML and CTF international requirements. The policies are based on and not limited to:

Central Bank of the UAE Regulations

  • Circular No. 24/2000 “Regulations Concerning Procedures for Anti-Money Laundering” and subsequent amendments

UAE Federal Law

  • Law No. 4/2002 regarding Criminalization of Money Laundering
  • Law No. 1/2004 Combating Terrorism Offences

International Standards

  • Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations
  • Wolfsberg Group Principles
  • US Patriot Act Certificate
  • Basel Committee recommendation on Banking supervision

The Board, Senior Management and all other staff of the Bank (parent bank and branches) endeavor to maintain and follow the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct at all times while carrying out the Bank’s business activities. The Bank will not accept nor condone activities or behavior that will or might in any way, conflict with any of its core values and standards