Trade Services

Letters of Credit (LCs)

Letters of Credit (LCs) are geared to handle all customer requirements for Imports/Exports. Whether importing for local consumption or for re-export, BOK International will offer the best solution for your needs. Based on your requirements, we customize the most appropriate service type whether transferable, revolving, standby, etc

Letters of Guarantee (LGs)

BOK Intentional  prepares and issues all kinds of financial instruments, including letters of guarantee drawn up under strict Shariah principles. The range of requirements covered includes bid bonds, performance bonds, advance payment bonds, and guarantees for retention monies, maintenance, Labor, or Customs duty

Documentary Collections

Documentary Collections, more commonly known as documents under collection which is handling of documents by banks in accordance with instructions received in order to: i. obtain payment and/or acceptance ii. Deliver documents against payment and/or against acceptance iii. Deliver documents on other conditions.