Message from CEOs


Group CEO, Bank of Khartoum

“The words success, expansion and innovation have always been associated with Bank of Khartoum (BOK) in Sudan ever since its formation in 1913. The bank is a legacy, a valued heritage and respect in Sudan due to the significant prints it has marked and left in the nation’s banking industry and its eminent role in shaping Sudan’s economy.

For over a century, BOK has been a pioneer in introducing new products and services that meet the requirements of the constantly changing Sudanese banking industry. It has a profound impact in laying out the Sudanese banking roadmap and setting new trends in the customers’ banking culture and behavior. Following the privatization of the banks in the early 2000’s, this impact has been further enhanced with applying overall restructuring in the bank including introduction of highly advanced banking technology, adopting best practices, and developing innovative and diversified banking products. Currently, BOK is the largest in Sudan in terms of branches/ATM network, equity, assets, range of products and services, and perhaps the only Sudanese bank with a determined ambitious plan of regional expansion.

BOK strategic direction to expand beyond the shores of Sudan and established its first overseas branch in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2016. In 2017, BOK has been granted its second overseas branch trade license in UAE. In compliance with the Shariah guidelines and The UAE Central Bank’s regulations, the operations will facilitate BOK Group in expanding its regional presence, serving as an important stepping stone towards expansion across the GCC. As the UAE has emerged as a major financial center over the past decade and the financial services sector has played a considerable role in boosting economic activity in the region, including Sudan, whose trade flow with the UAE exceeds USD 2 billion annually, makes it convenient location and environment for BOK Group to achieve it strategic objective of seizing at least 30 % market share from all trade and commerce related transactions between Sudan and the rest of the world within the next five years.

We would like to thank the Central Bank of UAE and The Governor, His Excellency Mr. Mubarak Rashed Khamis Al Mansoori for granting BOK International with the banking license for BOK International to operate a fully commercial bank in UAE and would like to extend our appreciation for all who have contributed to the success of Bank of Khartoum and its expansion in the UAE.

We hope our presence will be of an added value and a catalyst to further enhance the remarkable business and commercial relationship between the UAE and Sudan.”

Akram Elbaloula

Country CEO, BOK International, UAE

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you and to like to thank you for considering BOK International, UAE in Abu Dhabi for your banking requirements.

The establishment of the branch in a record period of less than one year is an achievement that brings us tremendous pride and emphasizes our determined transformational regional strategy to expand outside Sudan. Our presence in the UAE has become a necessity in order to meet the increasing trade and business needs of our corporate clients between Sudan and the GCC countries, particularly the UAE

BOK International is planning to continue the journey it started since 1913 which has built an enviable experience of more than 104 years and has created a bank legacy in Sudan of which we are determined to replicate in the UAE with a goal of expanding an all emirates starting with Abu Dhabi as our stepping stone.

Led by a highly qualified, seasoned and focused team with exceptional banking experience and total commitment to comply with Shariah banking principles and adhere to the UAE Central Bank’s regulations, the initial stage of operations will focus on conducting international trade and commerce transactions benefiting from well-connected correspondent banking networks to facilitate treasury and trade finance business. More importantly, we look forward to actively contributing to UAE’s ambitious plans to become the center of Islamic finance globally.

We are very excited to start operations in UAE and we are confident that our banking services will meet your expectations and will pave the way to building a strategic and a lasting relationship with you.